Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the ELEAD CRM Login:

ELEAD CRM Login Instructions:

1. It helps a lot to know exactly where you need to go to log in. Because of this, we have this link right here: http://www4.eleadcrm.com/fresh/login.asp Use this link to jump directly to the login. If you would like, feel free to also use this link as a bookmark in your internet browser so you can get there fast all the time.
2. The next step is familiar to anyone who has used a two-step login process before. What you need to do here is type your username into the field marked for your username.
3. Enter your password into the next section carefully. Since the page will mask your password, you can't see what you are typing as you type it into the page, so, as a warning, enter it in carefully, or you will have to do all this again.
4. You can see the red Login button plainly against the dark grey background of the page. Click on this button when both yoru username and password are filled out. This is the entire login process, but there are a few spots where you could have made some mistakes. For this reason, we have also included the next section.


Resetting your Password with ELEAD CRM:

1. ELEAD CRM has made it easy to reset your password for their site. Right under the red login button on the login page linked above has a light grey/white link that says "forgot password." Click on this button to start with the reset process.
2. You will be taken to another page when you click on this link. The large scrolling image banner you will see right away may be distracting, but this is the right page. Just scroll down so you can see the four text boxes.
3. The first box to fill in is the one marked "dealership name."
4. Fill in the box that says "phone number" next.
5. Type your full name into the next box, as marked.
6. Finish by typing up your email address in the email box and then clicking on the large red "submit" button.

How to Contact ELEAD CRM:

1. Write to: 4001 Coleman Road North
Valdosta, Georgia 31602
2. Phone number: (866) 444-7923
3. Fax Number: (229) 242-7019